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Painting Faces 2017

Painting faces as some may call it. Doing makeup is more than that to a true artist'. For me it is looking at the features of a person and enhancing them. Each detail of the makeup application is building a final finish to an incredible experience. I guess it is simple really.  Make a living by using your passion.
Fall in love with what you do!
Lebec the Artist
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Comic Man by Alice @LMA

So, you finished your first makeup training and became a Certified Makeup Artist!!
Congratulations!!! To the first of many steps to building a career, learning how to get work, hands on experience in the field, and so much more.

But what happens when you can't find work or you become to obsessed with IG instagram makeup artist with a zillion followers?

Stop right their and focus on you, it takes one foot in front of the other. Baby steps to succeed in a career that requires time to establish yourself and reputation with quality work.


We live in a virtual world of insta famous and profiles that don't appear to be real or to good to be true.

When you are in a service career you need real people that are going to call you when they need a makeup artist! Not followers who sometimes don't even hit like on your photos!!

Learn more contact Lebec use the hastag #muacareer 909-702-0902

New classes for career development and mentorship . . .

Check out the web site l…

Picture Perfect @LMA

Beauty is from the inside out and bringing that to the surface is what a makeup artist does with their makeup design and application. 
We are all unique individuals that have something special to offer via a service, a kind word or gesture.
Find what you love and share it with others through the Art of Makeup or what ever inspires you!
Break out of the normal situation and stop waiting for the right time to start a new way of life.
Do the research find what is your interest and your thing if you dare and begin.
If makeup is your thing than look no more and give me a call Lebec 909-702-0902
Check out lebec makeup atelier 

Ledora with her male model @LMA

Did you know that you could start a career in male grooming?

Why, yes, you can! Makeup design and application is not just for woman it is a full spectrum of unlimited opportunities. Find out more about a career in the field of beauty and all media.

Contact Lebec 909-702-0902 text or call

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